Most Beautiful Beaches In The World:Top list of Beautiful Beaches

North Island Seychelles

Northern Island, an elegant resort, is the heart of the sea breaker. there is Each villa has been designed from local stone, glass, or recovered wood with 5,000 sq. it has feet of Robinson Crusoe Lux which contains marble baths, penthouses, indoor and outdoor. Here Prince William and Kate Middleton’s honeymoon is being held. West Beach bars fill with famous voices of celebrities such as George and Amal Clooney and princes George and William.

North Island Seychelles

Whitehaven Beach Queensland Australia

Whitehaven Beach is a beautiful spot located off the Queensland coast in Australia on Whitsunday Island. Accessible through a boat, a marine vehicle, or a helicopter, the seven-kilometer cliffs is made from seven kilometers of glittering white sand.

Most of us can access Whitehaven from Airlie Beach on the mainland. The Island could be reached via ferry s, yacht s and powerboats and is included in lots of group tours on day trips that may include snorkel. Go to Hill Inlet when tides change for an Instagram-worthy image shoot.

Miami Beach Florida – Beaches in the world

Miami Beach is named for the 2.5 miles beach and city in Miami Bay between Miami and Biscayne Bay. South Beach is a beautiful spot in the pristine waters of the United States. The area is covered by powdery white sands beach and has a warm social scene.

This beaches south side is the grate side, which is you can go for eating, shopping, and go for pass some quality time. Most of the work activities are centrally located along Ocean Drive, which is filled by beautiful Art Deco styling-type buildings housing.

Camps Bay Beach Cape Town South Africa

Camp Bay Beach is to Cape Town, South Africa like Bondi Beach just finer. Table Mountain and the Twelve Apostle Range are below. A vast area of sand provides plenty of sand, making it the perfect place for locals and tourists to the elbow. Shoot the curls hike on the Pipetrack swim the reef or do the most active activities. you can stay for some time, at Camping Bay beach in Cape Town Cape Town’s most popular beach.

Palm Beach Aruba – beautiful beaches

The two-mile strip located on the northwest side of Aruba includes many attractions that you can enjoy at night. it has Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort which is available to adults only. It serves breakfast lunch and dinner.

Modern exterior Spanish colonial walls are accented by modern interiors. Suites at Tara Wing offer oceanfront views, a king-size bed, and a separate living space. Nightlife is a great way to brighten your lazy days by enjoying the nearby casinos, restaurants, and nightclubs.

Amed, Bali

Amed in the northeastern coast of Bali features several beaches. if you went to find thriving corals, colored fish, sea turtles, with other life of marine dangling?. then you should diving into clear water. this beach is already surrounded by a turquoise sea, and it has black san beauty with having some rock formation with green jungle

The beach itself is black sand beauty surrounded by a turquoise sea with a backdrop of rock formations and green jungle. There is a beautiful shipwreck beach on the shore. Bali is one of the most breathtaking places and most beautiful islands for visiting Indonesia. you can enjoy your beach vacation.

Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island Andaman, and Nicobar

Radhanagar is one of approximately 500 islands floating in the Bengali Gulf which is situated on the Indian island. when you visit this place then you should, Save the handful of ash-roofed buildings, this development is well controlled.

it has Instead of luxury hotels or even water-sport booths there’s nothing but thick tropical maha trees and other endemic greenery that can run straight toward shore.

Petite Anse Mahe Seychelles – Beautiful Beaches

Die Seychellen is one of the planet famous archipelagos. Petit Anse lies on the Southwest shore of Mahe the principal island in Seychelles, against a backdrop of granite cliffs and thick forests. Staying in the Four Seasons Resort Seychelles allows you direct access to the silver-tinged beach.

The Indian Ocean archipelago is about 600km off the coast of Africa one of the soft sand islands. It is known as one of the most relaxingly beautiful places to visit. Seychelles has numerous beautiful beaches scattered along with the islands but these are the most beautiful beaches for beach vacations.

Nungwi Beach Tanzania: Best Beaches In Tanzania

Nungwi Beach is a fishing village that shares the same name on Zanzibar Island. The best beach in this region has a heavy concentration of restaurants, beach vendors, hotels resorts, and water sports organizations.

Pristine and easy-to-swim underwater waters are full of craggy rock and beautiful sunsets dip below the sea. it is Deep-sea fishing sunset cruises, and trips to the beautiful sand beach, of Nakupenda Beach, offshore the city of Stone Town, is especially popular with water sports excursions and waterskiing excursions. these are the most beautiful beaches in Tanzania

Seagrass Bay, Laucala Island Fiji

Laucala is home to species of bird the most exotic and unusual of the archipelago beaches are pristine and a stunning marine world. The premium price gives you the extraordinary luxury and complete privacy in one of the 25 villas. Each Villa has its own private swimming pool each villa, and it is a handful is located at Seagrass Bay directly above the beach. The island is the only Fijian island you can stay in, and it only works in Laucal Island Resort in Fiji, which is located in the rugged jungle of the island.

For over a decade, Laucala Island, Fiji’s premier luxury resort has offered luxury, tranquillity, and romance in a tropical setting. Rise up into an expansive open-air infinity pool with panoramic ocean views if you went to. Laucala Island is about 60 miles southwest of Fiji’s capital, Suva. For those who seek to enjoy island life without being isolated in the middle of the Pacific, it’s hard to beat the resort. Although the current number of residents is listed at around 200.

if you went to the island welcomes upward of 1,000 guests in peak season, between October, and April, to enjoy a tranquil existence.

One&Only Reethi Rah -Most Beautiful white sand beach in the Maldives

The One&Only Reethi Rah resort was the only resort in North Male Atoll. One&Only Reethi Rah resort is fun for the family but also great for a honeymoon, there’s has something for everyone. The company also hosted the internationally renowned portrait painter Ruddy Cantillon, DJ and photographer a part of the Artist in Residence Program last year. The town has a busy scene and all accommodation is in villas. All of which are located in the Maldives’ own Villas and clubs are on the beach. The Reethi Rah resort is located in the north male Maldives.

Banana Beach Koh Hey Island (Coral) Phuket

The white sand beach name is Banana beaches – ( Coral island in Thailand ) on the northeastern of Koh Hey. it has soft white sands with clear blue sea and a border by light green jungle. this is the most popular vacations destination in Phuket. some people call it Whitehaven beach

Koh Hey Village is a 20-minute drive from Koh Lipe’s airport. The first stop on the way to the island is the Waerteng Village where you can shop for gifts, buy fresh seafood, and browse the island’s unique shops. Koh Lipe has only two malls, one is along the main road and is located in Sennan Town, the other one is in Rinang Village.

A natural swimming pool, where no water is piped in, filled by the ocean water, it is the most popular beach among holidaymakers on the island. It is also one of the few beaches in the province to have toilets, equipped with toilet paper and a flush toilet, which are now installed permanently. Travelers can enjoy the beach vacation. if you are a photographer then you feel like that it is a photographed beaches. Located 7km away from Nai Harn, on the south coast of Koh Hay, it is the main seaport for the island. It is a sleepy little town but has a couple of dive shops, food stalls, pubs, and other little ones.

If you are out looking for a piece of the tranquillity of an island paradise, this is your place to be. It’s easy to spend the whole day on a regular basis just on the pristine white sand. snorkeling and diving in the sea and floating around in the clear waters and relaxing by the little-known park.

Makena Beach: Gorgeous Beaches

Makena Beach is a few miles of untouched sand wedged between a gaping wave of the Pacific and the forest within which is located. The 3-color ocean is unbelievably inviting – though it can be rough – and the nearby corals are almost as fertile – massive sea turtles sometimes appearing especially. It’s certainly a place to avoid crowds but it’s an amazing way to avoid crowds. The island of Kaui provides plenty of paradisiacal beaches making it extremely difficult and fairly unfair to pick one.

Polihale Beach, Kauai Hawaii: The most beautiful beaches in the world

Polihale Beach is the longest white beach in Hawaii. that are the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii. Swimming is not recommended due to the strong currents. The beach is great to watch the sunset and walk along, but swimming is no-must-swimming because swimming with a water current is to bridle. For a romantic picnic, you can visit Polihalle State Park for a romantic evening.

Totaranui Beach: Holiday Vacation beaches

Totaranui Beach appears in the setting sun against the water of the Tasman Sea. It can be a little isolated outpost too which makes it a perfect place for those who dislike crowds. The nearby camping ground is a peaceful place to relax under the New Zealand night sky. this is an amazing beach in this area. Chances for kayaking, snorkeling, and sailing abound in the Abel Tasman National Park New Zealand and nearby camping grounds are also suitable for those looking for quiet nights in the. The Tasman Sea is a nature refuge.

The beach is a shallow sandy beach that stretches for roughly 500 meters along the southern side of Meremere Inlet. The vegetation of Tōtaranui includes a wide variety of low-lying areas consisting of manuka, red bloodwood, and a variety of holly trees. The species was discovered in 1924 and in 1934 only one of the original six specimens had survived, which was raised in captivity and later released on the beach. Ten years after the release the species reached a population of 250

Isla Holbox: Best Mexican Islands

Isla Holbox is a tiny Caribbean island with cars just two hours away from Cancun. you can relax in your peaceful beach house (or luxury stay), and relax on the peaceful waters of the flamingos. this is a unique experience you must experience in Mexico. Isla Holbox is a top beaches in Mexico.

Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman Islands

The Seven Mile Beach is located in the long crescent of coral-sand beach on the western end of grand cayman island. this is known for its beauty, recently it has been receiving and for its beauty. There are the most beautiful beaches in Grand Cayman. The Seven Mile Beach is the most popular and most beautiful area of Grand Cayman.

You can always snorkel or paraglide right off the shore but you’re also only a short walk in Stingray City where you stand on a sandy bar and touch giant. It could be launched in a restaurant that awaited the ocean and taken off in Jet Skis along the beach and then taken on board in Cemetery Reef.

Castiglione di Ravello Beach

It’s one of those rare ultra touristy places you definitely must be on your bucket list. Ravello beach is the entrance to the bohemian village of Ravello. There are many things to do other than swimming or enjoying a drink under a parasol. There is a lot of fun to do in the gardens of the Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo. It’s a place to be experienced by those who want to photograph them at the base of some cliffs.

Siasconset Beach, Nantucket Massachusetts

Siasconset is accessible by a six-mile bike trip up Milestone Road. Food and toilet facilities can be located adjacent to the historic village. The Nantucket Hotel & Resort is the island’s only year-round place to be. It offers 36 rooms and suites, some offering common decks that can be sleeping 2 to 12 people. Sankaty Head Light is well worth a wander up the north side of the beach (it is rare to climb, unless on specific days).

Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach of Oregon was known for its wave-and-wind eroded rocks that jut out at sea. Haystack Rock attracts a lot of beachs visitors and tufted puffins alike. For the sunset and a fireplace or with Pelicans Brewery for a pint local. Visit Cannon Beach for a good walking walkthrough surrounded by starfish. For a local beer visit, Pelican Brewery for a bite of its local beer visits the local taps or the local brewery for a beer.

Da Nang Beach: White Sand Beaches in Vietnam

Da Nang (also dubbed Danang) is a sand-covered beach community with 28km of white sand beaches Blues ocean and dark green jungle. The most lovely beaches in Vietnam can be found in the popular tourist areas of the city, My Khe, and Non-Nuch. This area is located in a strip of beaches located in the center of the city.

Le Morne Mauritius

Le Morne is a coral protected beach with calm water which is good for swimming, kayaking, and snorkeling. Those sheltered lagoon waters reach the horizon and the kite surfing conditions may be the best in the world. The island contains 2 and a half miles of soft sugar sand tightly sloughed by Palm and pine-sized filao trees. The island around it has been declared to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

La Pelosa Beach: Most Beautiful Beaches in The World

La Pelosa is a very popular beach in Italy. A relative lack of big business keeps overtourism a secret. This is a prime location for water sports from paddle-boarding to kitesurfing. The near Aravanese Watchtower offers opportunities for oceanside exploration and photos. It’s a small stretch of sand on the northwestern tip of s Sardinia whose northern tip.

Maya Bay beach

Bay Maya on island Ko Phi provides a vital companion on your hopping trip. It is closed for two years for this reason to escape overtourism but it will likely come back sometime to 2021. In the sea, the emerald waters of the beach and the limestone rocks which cover sand are more than enough to convince even those people who are not fans of beaches but can give a. The Maya Bay is one of the most visited popular beach locations in Thailand, which is situated on the most popular island.

Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos

This 1,000-acre peninsula is only accessible by boat from Providenciales in 35 minutes. It has a posh resort and several exclusive Villas. The island is home to a spa, yoga classes, and Ayurveda consultations with Dr. Parth a Goa resident. This hotel has consistently ranked high upon our survey of the more sought-after hotels in the world.

Clearwater Beach Florida

Clearwater beach is one of the more beautiful areas of the United States. Visit the sea turtles, stingrays, and otters at the Clearwater. Florida offers more than 135 miles of coastline with tons of sunshine year-round. The state has some of the most spectacular beaches in the world including Clearwater and most beautiful beaches like Clearwater and Bocaoca del Bosque beaches are among them.

Grace Bay Beach Providenciales Turks and Caicos

Grace Bay beach is consistently rated as one of the best beaches on Earth. Visitors can explore seven continuous miles of beach between Grace Bay and the beachfront of Lake Leeward and Bight. It is the Prince Alexandra Marine Park nearby where snorkellers get a glimpse of the underwater world. There is enough room for everyone but between the beaches, there is also plenty of room to enjoy.

Tulum Mexico

Tulum lies two hours away from Cancun in Mexico. It is declared world heritage property by UNESCO. The area homes to Mayan sites and has a number of hotels and spas. Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve is home to half-million acres of reefs, rainforests, dunes, and caves. Tulum has a lovely white-sand beach white turquoise waters and a backdrop of ancient Mayan ruins which makes it different from other beaches of Mexico.

Elafonissi Beach

Elafonissi Beach in Crete lifts all things extraordinary with its powdery soft pink sand. In its shallow and sand-shaped environment, the sand is an ideal place for relaxation or relaxing dips for families. Local loggerhead sea turtles are a great sight to behold (from afar naturally), and beaches are great for taking a swim. The pink sands are the result of the pink shell who did a supreme sacrifice to give us something then.

Grace Bay Beach

Grace Bay has been awarded for the three miles-long stretch of powder beach. It is a ticket to some pleasant beach trips even without resorts and hotels nearby. Rental a catamaran and go sailing, or swim for the nearby barrier reef. Providenciales Island – Turkey and Caicos Island is a glittery piece of tellurian heaven in the Caribbean with soft white sand and warm clean water. It’s the perfect place to get a relaxing getaway.

Praia da Marinha

Praia da Marinha is the most popular beach in Algarve Portugal. Its golden rocky rocks under the seas and limestone outcrops remind me of the Twelve Apostles of Australia. It’s a great challenge to swim between its twin limestone archways. A less confident swimmer can always take a vessel, carve away their own sea trail and drop anchor near the caves and grottos that cover the region. The area is also known for caverns.

Cape Le Grand National Park Western Australia

Cape Le Grand National Park is a park that has many distinguished beaches and bays. The Grand coast trail winds through unobstructed grassland and the rocky outcrops. For a bird, view stroll the 1.5 – mile Frenchman Peak Trail teeming with wildflowers. At Hellfire Bay, where giant boulder granite and crystal clear ocean form imposing landscapes and to Lucky Bay, there are some of the whitest beaches in the world.

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays Island Australia

Whitehaven Beach sits beside Sydney Opera House and Noosa national park. Made of extremely refined silica rich quartz the smoothest of the world’s sand is one of the cleanest whitenest in the world. From above it offers some of the best views in your life. The sand is made of silica rich quartz and the water the most magnificent sand in Australian history. The beach also contains the National Park of Noosa No.

Hilton Head Island South Carolina

It is a stable fave of the family with 12 miles of beach and wide empty. Harbour Town Inn & Club is a contemporary-looking club-hotel hybrid. Use your complimentary bubbly while booking. You can also enjoy the shoe-making and pant-press services at the Hilton Head Golf Club. Hilton Head has recently voted the Best Island in the USA

Blue lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is part of the national marine sanctuary Oludeniz. The Egean Sea kissing the Mediterranean and the views are spectacular. A quick trip to Kayaköy ghost town nearby would really complete your vacation. The spectacular views are so you can quickly forget about that impressive outcropping in Cappadocia. The nearby tourist hub is a UNESCO world monument and is located in the region of Turkey.

The baths

The BVIs feature many fantastically beautiful beaches but the beautiful Baths of Virgin Gorda are the cake. Stone boulders form little coves small islands hidden pools and makeshift caves. Discovering the corners, trails, and crannies is an activity favorite as is snorkeling. It can and will give you a very scenic view along with your seafood dish at the top of The Baths restaurant on the island.

Praia de Santa Monica Boa Vista Cape Verde

Praia de Santa Monica rolls along nearly 14 miles of the coast. The current is often too powerful to swim but the Strand is ideal for enchanting days of beautiful walks and whale watching. The Sahara and its beaches are untouched and Boa Vista becomes truly a must-visit for adventurous beach lovers. The beach is an incredible scene of slick dunes, rocky slopes clad in wild oceans in deep blu.

Island of Lengkuas

The island of Lengkuas is off the northwestern shore of Indonesia’s coastal town of Belitung. A lush green miniature forest of the Western Side, a beautiful sandy beach in the East Front, granite clapboards, and even a Dutch-colonial lighthouse in the midst of. It is the ultimate hideaway for an unpretentious form of cosseting that was second at its finest as far as an island-hopping adventure as.

La Pelosa Beach, Sardinia Italy

This is one of the most attractive beaches in Sardinia. Visitors to the beach must pay a fee online using beach mats under towels. Other Sardinian beaches to visit: Porto Giunco, Spiaggia La Cinta, Cala Mariolu and Cala Coticcio.

Elafonissi Beach, Crete Greece

Elafonissi Beach is actually isolated by the shallow water and strait between the beach and the mainland. Facilities include lounges – covered by a palm tree and taverns for freshly prepared seafood. The Balos Lagoon in the North is a great way to rest and play in the warm Lagoon-inspired wasser of the beach. If you’re busy go up north on the island to the lagoon Balo and Play.

Sotavento Beach, Fuerteventura Canary Islands

Sotavento is a replacement for Fuerteventura’s brawny upscale beach resorts. Its 17 mi length contains little but golden dunes. Reliability trade winds dilate the desert-meets-oceanic landscape with broad tidepools and low tide lagoons. Windy conditions plus years and warm water make it a nice venue for swimming, surfing kiteboarding, and sailing Hobie Cat.

Shark Creek Beach, Great Harbour Cay Berry Islands The Bahamas

Shark Creek Beach is ideal if you are trying to find some quiet solitude. It is a short flight or boat ride from Nassau, but if you feel utterly secluded – from everything else, then you can visit. On this usually empty beach, silky sand drifts to quietly in aquamarine water, whose shallows span a quarter of a mile offshore. Most Bahamian beaches lie in “paradise on earth” land.

Hanalei Bay, Kauai Hawaii

Hanalei Bay drew attention from the locals for its near-mystical beauty. Seine Strände are surrounded on 4,000m high rocks in shades of jade green. In winters the area is popular with surfers with large wave sizes and great speed. It also serves as a popular destination from countries such as the ”South Pacific The Descendants and south Pacific.

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