Best family vacation destinations in the world:The Ultimate Guide For Family Vacations

best family vacation destinations in the world

Summer is soon to be upon us and with this comes the difficult choice of where to go on holiday. For families, the six weeks school holidays can be hard to fill, so parents want to make sure that the time they spend abroad on holiday is action packed for their children to enjoy.

Every family is different and finding the top family holiday destinations can be tricky. Below we have listed some ideas to help you make your family vacation destinations choice. you can enjoy this holiday destination for your Family vacations, your honeymoon destination, etc

family vacation destinations

Best family vacation destinations


For family vacation destinations, Disney is a failsafe option for families with young children, if you have children younger than school age then booking outside of the school holidays will save a fortune for this destination.

When looking at hotels, there is a wide range of choices in and around the surrounding areas of the official Disney resort. Just by staying a few miles away from the resort, you can make massive savings for your family vacations.

family vacations


Key West Florida

Key West is the southern most city in the continental United States. It is known for its rich history and antebellum architecture, for its impressive beaches, and for its multiculturalism. The young people at the Key West Aquarium experience an ocean view while they see sea creatures.

When you return after a stressful day do not miss a chance to try some local specialties such as Cuban sandwiches and conch fritters. In the place, there are many bed and breakfasts and hotels for your best family vacation destinations. Families can find rooms with access to private beaches and ocean front pools. A museum offering activities include the Key West Shipwreck museum featuring authentic artifacts

Key West Florida


Menorca Island

The rules for Menorca are the same for any package beach holiday to similar destinations – any holiday provider worth their salt now has a kids club to cater for the family market and keep youngsters entertained while parents can relax. The kids club is included in the cost of your package holiday and will ensure stress-free time away.

Menorca Island
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Booking a family holiday to Hawaii ensures you have everything you need. Beautiful weather, dreamy ocean breezes, gorgeous beaches, fantastic hotels, shopping, surfing, and for the golf lovers amazing golf courses. Huawei has Two islands extremely popular for family holidays are Oahu and also Honolulu. this is a good choice for your best family vacation destination

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The majority of travelers are familiar with the eight largest Hawaiian islands, including the island of Hawaii itself. This is the largest island, or main island, and has been given the affectionate nickname of ‘Big Island’ so it is not confused with the name of the state, consisting of hundreds of islands.


For those staying in Hawaii, the island has so much more to offer than a typical beach holiday with its volcano-laden landscape, the amazing surfing, the legendary Luau Hawaiian parties, and not forgetting, the home of Pearl Harbour.



Canada is the best family vacation destinations, known for its hockey players, natural surroundings, and Cold weather activities. Each province in Canada offers its own special sightseeing experiences that make a trip to one of Canada’s provinces perfect for a family holiday.

Our favorite city for Canada visits in Toronto and whenever we come we go down to Niagara Falls. We also chose to visit two of Canada’s most popular ski resorts, Lake Louise Ski Resort and Sunshine Village of Banff National Park. These are absolutely stunning attractions located within Canada’s National Park. Our boy loved going under the large falls of the Maid of the Mist during the day.

canada CN tower


There are many areas of Mexico you could visit for your planned best family vacation destinations, but Cancun is the perfect place for family relaxation and fun. It is packed with a wide range of family friendly hotels, powdery white beaches, restaurants, and fun filled attractions.

Mexico City

You can some time in Mexico for your Holiday vacation for learning about the world’s most fascinating archaeological sites and can experience the colorful nightlife in a Mexican major city.



Traveling to Europe will save money compared to further afield destinations, and there’s plenty to keep kids entertained if you research the area you’re visiting including great Disney hotel deals.

my One of suggestions is Ardèche, where tourists can go on a donkey trail, leisurely walking distances of up to 8-10 miles a day, this self-guided trip with a four-legged companion to carry day packs and tired children is suitable for ages four and over.

paris museum france


Crete Greece

Crete’s island has a wonderful climate, a complete relaxation experience, and great beach attractions. They have excellent foods and a beautifully sane style of life. There are also some good properties on the island! In many places, we’re drawn by small fishing town elastounda that has excellent luxuriating accommodation and there is much to eat.

If you are looking for a family-friendly destination in southern Europe then you cannot go wrong with the Greek islands and especially Crete. If you are looking for a family-friendly destination in southern Europe, then you cannot go wrong with the Greek islands and


Families with slightly older children who want none stop fun and activities could try sea kayaking in Croatia. Run from the car-free island of Kolocep, the trip includes five days of guided activities – after kayaking the blue cave of Kolocep and Sipan island you can get off for a stunning cycling trip


Singapore is loaded with incredible family attractions and wonderful food. From Universal Park to the family-friendly Sentosa island the futuristic Gardens by the Bay the restaurant in a hawker shopping center there are plenty of activities at the kids’ The general English language has been placed everywhere on signs to make things easier.

The subway is efficient making it super commutable and English is an extremely common language. Eat! Try each local cuisine and enjoy the fantastic markets. Learn about Singapore in our enormous guide to traveling to Singapore with children.


Kids who love animals will enjoy a trip to Madeira. A great excursion is one on board a privately chartered boat where you join a team of marine biologists for a day of whale- and dolphin-watching.

Whilst on this excursion you also have a chance to spot some of Madeira’s amazing sea birds. This is a perfect holiday destination for budding marine biology enthusiasts.


Cave exploration in Bulgaria is a holiday that incorporates fun and activities, ensuring the kids are worn out every day by bedtime! Rock climbing and a night of wild camping can be incorporated into your trip and give kids something special to tell their friends about when they arrive back home.


Norway might not spring to mind as the first destination for a family holiday but spectacular scenery and clean, fresh air coupled with activities such as skiing, cable cars, and thundering waterfalls will keep youngsters entertained and make parents glad they chose this unusual destination for a break.



Geneva Zurich Basel Bern is good navigability points. Zermatt at the base of the Matterhorn brings you back in time and connects you to the nearby communities by sharing your appreciation of nature. In a country containing and covered in five areas, a visit to Switzerland can often include a full day in another country.

Traveling by train will give great views from afar of pastoral villages surrounded by unspoiled natural wonders. Anuja De Silva visited with her toddler and said. ‘With its small size and varied experiences Switzerland is one of my favorite options for a family vacation’.

Swiss Mountains

Switzerland is currently a favorite destination on our lists for families to visit. Charming Mountain villages and townships abound with an impressive atmosphere, and it’s hard not to find any other place in the world. Beautiful landscapes beautiful food and a wide variety of things to do and see for children.

Which is a favorite family destination or one in particular? Give us feedback. For more family travel suggestions, please consult our guide to the best spring holiday destinations in the USA and the best spring holidays of Europe. If you found these helpful, don’t forget to bookmark and share. It wouldn’t be possible to list them all separately.


Once foreign tourist hotspots closed Cuba, but the country is no longer. Beautiful beaches, fantastic food, and friendly people make Cuba a very family-friendly place to visit. One of our favorites to see Cuba was the beaches. The beach was absolutely beautiful and the water was hot and perfect to swim.

It’s okay that you can’t fly to Cuba, but you can’t go sailing to Cuba as you can’t do that for several days to get to know Cuba. In less than four days we planned our vacation in Cuba without having problems. We went on a zipline, horseback riding honey tasting, and went on a tour of caves.


TravelingMom Silvana Clark says Germany is her top travel destination. It satisfies her desire to experience a different culture with various experiences she says. “The posters from Germany you see are not in photoshop. Chalets in blooms are almost everywhere, and cafes have dining gowns made of gingham.

I like that it is organized with woodpiles stomped on the surface according to the shape of wood for recycling bins which are separated by different colors of bottles. And don’t miss apple schneady! The germans have an emphasis on sports that can be ranging from skiing to walking to school.


Guyana has been recently selected by travelers as one of the top destinations for natural resources around the world. The nation is located near Brazil Venezuela Suriname in the northern part of South America where it borders. The US is the only country in SA whose official language is English.

The Rupununi region is home to many endangered and protected species. The giant black caiman is the largest freshwater species on the planet. The Caiman House is currently conducting research on these amazing creatures for over 10 years. If these dates are unavailable for you please try again.

Cape Town South Africa

you can come to Cape Town and South Africa with your children. it is amazing with children and it’s one of my personal favorite places on earth. Head where the ocean meets at the Cape of Good Hope see the Penguins on Boulders Beach and spot the seals at Hout Bay. End your trip with a simply stunning sunset in cap Cape Town from Signal Hill or Camps Bay.

Whitefish, Montana USA

Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort in Montana offers a large variety of child-friendly activities, such as daycare and ski and a riding school for your families. you can enjoy Have some winter outdoor fun with snowboarding ski-ing or snow-shoeing.

It provides resort and city Whitefish with a little-town feel, that allows American life to settle for a while but offers excellent accommodations, or restaurants and shopping.


Japan is an excellent option in our world’s favorite countries of most people. you can enjoy Tokyo Disneyland’s several services, like Mickey burgers, and it’s were really good. can like at each restaurant’s the kids loved exploring LEGOLAND and learning different noodles types.

In all matters including food and cultural heritage we thought we found something for your whole family. and can visit The Japanese Shinjuku and The Shibuya Crossroads. it is one of the busiest road crossings in Japan. We all know. We visited Tokyo Disneyland, which we all enjoyed as a family. Their goal is to see Legoland everywhere.


France is famous for its cultural attractions and museums. The Eiffel Tower is a big hit with kids especially when lit during the night. One of the favorite museums of kids is the Cité des Sciences and industries. If your children love art history and science they’ll love to go to museums like our ones.

Also, we stopped at Disneyland Paris. It is smaller than the Magic Kingdom Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World. The teenager on the visit enjoyed our visits to Louvre Museum. It had felt almost like she was teaching something historical, but saw it first.

Curtain Bluff Resort in Antigua

The hotel is situated on 20 acres of landscaped land nestled between two beaches and boasts one of the highest repeat hotel ratios in the Caribbean. From trips to the Cades reef to waterskiing paddleboarding, kayaking, and windsurfing kids will have ample opportunities to get around.

On the plus side, with eating and playing turtles ecstatics and colorful paint projects a children’s party will get the kids going every day. For families who want a lot of choices, this all-inclusive resort is just a ticket for Antigua. Give the dates of the itinerary.


In the past, the Cambodge has had a very beautiful natural landscape and some of the most beautiful temples in the world. My babies loved exploring the ruins, And we loved it. For our children, the ruin was the ultimate playground.

Cambodia is a perfect place to challenge their senses with a chance of experiencing them – double bonus! Cambodian people were the friendliest people in Southeast Asia. They like to stop you and chat about his children. For kids even they will watch them while you eat.

Colorado USA

As compared to the Grand Canyon Colorado the black canyon of Gunnison National Park. Ancestral Puebloan dwellings at Mesa Verde area in the Southwest corner. Aged children will also find cliff dwellings engrossed in the state.

Colorado is one of America’s most overlooked national parks with breathtaking alpine lakes and majestic mountains. It is a short drive from the mile-high town of Denver to the stunning lakes and mountain tops of Colorado’s alpine peaks. The state is located in addition to one of the nation’s great national park.

Wales UK

Pembrokeshire has beautiful beaches and an impressive coastline worthy of exploration. North Wales is home to adventure centers like Zip World where the four-person zip line is 100mph in speed.

Bounce underneath, a series of trampolines hidden in underground caves, make children happy. Wales has rife with family holidays. It’s easy to get to the most family-friendly region of the country. It’s hard to choose any place to spend the majority of your family vacation in Wales where the family is friendly.


Ghana has a beautiful and west African country with waterfalls, castles, and beaches. Some people are visiting their country to get in touch with nature and their culture.

A stopover in Ghana isn’t complete without visiting Elmina Castle, here when slaves would be kept before their journey to America begin. It’s important to talk to the children more about the history of can be suitable for your family vacation

Hamilton New Zealand

Hamilton is the best-kept secret about the New Zealand holiday. Our favorites activities at Waikato’s are the Waikato museum and its kid’s area. The Zoo where funny Kaka will lie to your shoulder in the walk-through birdhouse, and themed Hamilton Gardens will take you from start to finish into a new civilization.

Hamilton is unique in that dozens of ‘destination playgrounds’ feature the usual Fun Fixtures water displays trampolines and multi-story playrooms. Great way to keep your baby busy while enjoying coffee at someone nearby.



Iceland is one of the safest countries. It’s rare for restaurants with spaces for children to play. Iceland is a fantastic place on a longer break with loved ones for your family vacation. If you look for Iceland’s Prime Minister you can call on that minister’s telephone number.

Check our Iceland travel guide for information regarding the travel possibilities in this country and how to arrange your holiday to Iceland.


Spain is well-known for its European football teams such as FC Barcelona or Real Madrid. A large variety of art by Gaudi is displayed and an amazing place to see it is Gaudi Park in Barcelona. Spain is also one of the countries with great food and friendly kids I love.

There are a good variety of science museums for kids to play in and beautiful beaches with sand alongside. You want the chocolate to eat at all the chocolate shops in Spain you also want to catch live football in our stadium Camp Nou Barcelona. you can enjoy your holiday family vacation.


Those who wish to holiday a little closer to home can experience a fantastic family holiday in Scotland, where Edinburgh castle provides a little heritage and education, and Edinburgh zoo keeps things fun and entertaining.

Blair Drummond safari park is another option for a fun filled day in Scotland, and Lake Loch Ness makes spectacular sight parents won’t want to miss. Tell kids of the Loch Ness monster and watch their eyes fill with excitement as they keep their eyes out for a glimpse of her. Book early to get great Edinburgh hotel deals.

Nairobi Kenya

Nairobi National Park hosts lions, leopards, giraffes, and zebras. For a hands-on experience come to Giraffe Centre where you can feed this elegant languah of a raised gallery. David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is an ideal place to visit with your children most especially the giraffe and elephant rehabs.

The park is the perfect day trip to enjoy wildlife and roaming freely-grounded lions, zebras, and giraffes inside the city center. For more information check out this link.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most visited Latin American countries. these national parks, beaches, you can travel if you are planning to do adventure traveling. you can run on horseback in Costa Rica, had passed some time on the beach, and can feed some monkeys. To protect young children they are paired with the guide for the zip line. costa Rica has visa-free access for some

Gulf Shores Alabama USA

Gulf Shores is perfect for their family vacation because it is close to the beaches but has a very little crowd. Big beaches and smaller crowds allow us to rest. We also enjoy hiking and biking the trails of Gulf State Park and catamaran days trips, paddling, and sunset salons and.


Panama has something to offer travelers of any age. Use Panama City as a jumping-off point to visit indigenous Guna Yala, the Former Island of San Blas. Follow that with A stay in the Boca. Visit Panama Canal Historic Casco Viejo chic coffee houses and the biometal BioMuseo Museum.

Bring back to Panama City through the cloudy forest of the Chiriqui Province known for its succulent shade-grown coffees.

Best destinations for couples

As the holiday season approaches, many of us are wondering about which destinations to jet off to this summer. Those of us in couples will be thinking of romantic destinations with attractions to interest each partner.

Holidays with your partner are vital to spend some time together away from all the pressures of life and with just the two of you. The travel destination you finally settle on will depend on the kind of couple you are and your interests together, however, to help point you in the right direction we have compiled a list of the best travel destinations for couples.


Many couples opt for a beach getaway to spend a romantic holiday for their travel destinations, and for beaches, straight from a postcard Mauritius is second to none. Located within a large coral reef off the coast of Africa, Mauritius has exotic natural beauty and is widely known as ‘the island for two. A favorite for wedding spots and honeymoon destinations, the island is a failsafe spot for a romantic trip.


Bali is one of the world’s most beguiling holiday travel destinations and will give you and your loved one a chance to experience a completely different culture. Visitors should try the classy beach resort of Seminyak.


Australia is a must see once in a lifetime destination for many people and who better to share such unforgettable memories with than the person you love. A lot of sights can be fitted into two weeks if you plan your time well, so combine Sydney, Ayers Rock, and the Great Barrier reef into your brief stay to make the most of your time down under.


Thailand is a great destination for couples, stay out of the busy night clubbing areas and you will discover secluded beaches, amazing culture, and fabulous sunsets. Bangkok is the perfect city for this and it’s easy to find great Bangkok hotel deals.

For couples who want to chill in stunning spas Thailand has plenty of choices too, favorite areas are off the mainland on islands of Phuket or Koh Samui.

Cape Verde islands

The Cape Verde islands are often overlooked for a couple’s holiday destination. This is the perfect destination for those that are an island and beach lovers, want to feel part of the culture, and also explore somewhere slightly different off the beaten track.


The Gambia

Those on a budget who don’t want to miss out on soaking up some sun and culture should check out The Gambia on the west coast of Africa.For your travel destinations? It’s just a six-hour flight from the UK and offers delightful hotels, amazing beaches, friendly locals, and wildlife excursions.



For couples wanting a city break rather than a beach holiday, Italy has a host of fabulous locations such as Florence, packed with art and architectural treasures, Venice with its infamous romantic gondolas, and Milan for couples who like to shop as well soak up sights. Meanwhile, the Italian Lakes of Como and Garda can provide a stunning backdrop for your time away.

In Italy, pizza and pasta are very popular among kids. Arte al Sole provides fun activities for kids in Italy. The children went horse riding and cooking classes and swimming in the Tuscan countryside.

No matter how many times my little people ask to go to Italy, I have a feeling their trip will be memorable only for the food but also for fun activities.

and Also, of course, the Colosseum of Rome with the famous, Les enfants peuvent choisir art, cooking, and chocolate-making activities for themselves in Arte Al Sole or art and chocolate-making workshops in Italy.

Those wishing to honeymoon in Europe should take advantage of what Italy has to offer. The country is blessed with an abundance of history, culture, art, breathtaking scenery, and a love of food.

Explore the rolling hills of Tuscany and the spectacular scenery of the elegant lake resorts Garda and Como. Alternatively, honeymooners can visit the romantic city of Venice, the Eternal City of Rome, or Renaissance Florence.

Florence Italy

Florence is an excellent place to explore and make memories you will cherish forever. The whole family can enjoy the wonderful Italian cuisine, culture, and attractions. Tuscany is, in fact, an amazing location for family holiday vacations and Florence is the most beautiful Tuscan city.

Choose the right place and rent it if there is a beautiful hotel close to your pool. And you can have the best family holiday ever – a perfect combination of sightseeing and a relaxing tour.

The most friendly locally who truly love children have the most friendly local population in Italy. The easiest way for a family holiday in Italy is to visit the most charming small towns in the area.


For an unusual destination take the short flight to Iceland to discover some wonderful natural wonders, including glaciers, hot springs and geysers, volcanic craters, lava flows, and spectacular waterfalls.



Jordan is an Arabian country. and it is a fantastic destination where you can explore the glorious kingdom, enjoying activities such as floating in the Dead Sea, take a trip to the ancient city of Petra and drive around the Wadi Rum deserts.

In August there is an annual Perseids Meteor Shower where travelers can book a desert camp to view the stunning sights.


Cairo is a great city to visit and stay in, rich in cultural gems, and combining with a Nile Cruise gives you that added bit of luxury. Meanwhile, couples who like to party should head to the Sharm el-Sheik area for none stop nightlife.

best honeymoon destination

The wedding season is fast approaching, and when all the planning and stress over the wedding day is over, next comes the fun part – deciding on your ideal romantic honeymoon hotel. Here we have broken down the top honeymoon spots to give all newlyweds a point in the right direction. it can be from any country


Barbados is the perfect destination for newlyweds wishing to spend a few weeks in paradise, with its beautiful white sandy beaches country, and clear turquoise waters, this location is truly the meaning of paradise.

If luxury is what you’re looking for then head to the west of the island to the legendary Platinum, filled with world-class luxury resorts, spa hotels, and immaculately kept golf courses.

The Bahamas

An alternative to Barbados is the Bahamas – made up of hundreds of small islands and boasting some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The Bahamas offers an activity-filled holiday for more adventurous couples, with many of the beaches offering water sports and activities, including water-skiing, windsurfing, and parasailing.


Jamaica is the most tourist-loved country. Famous for its laid-back attitude, Jamaica offers an ideal setting for newlyweds looking for relaxation, while getting the chance to see soaring mountains, tropical rainforests, and sandy beaches.


Dubai is the epitome of luxury and opulence, complete with sand, sun, and world class shopping. The views are also second to none with the gleaming skyscrapers next to ancient mosques, souks, and wind towers.

Dubai really does has something for everyone, for those that just want to relax you the most picturesque beaches, for the scuba diving, sailing and fishing enthusiasts you have the clear blue waters, for the shoppers there are endless souks and bazaars to explore and for those that feel a bit more adventurous, there’s camel riding, dune driving, and desert safaris.


Those wanting an unforgettable honeymoon a little further afield should consider Thailand as a destination. If you’re looking for a taste of culture, with mountains, jungles, and beaches, not to mention some of the beautiful natural scenery then Thailand is your perfect choice.

Countries Fantastic shows, luxurious spa days, and treats such as elephant back riding are just some of the things you can fill your days with when you can drag yourselves away from the stunning beaches. Alternatively, Bangkok is a vibrant city, and Bangkok hotel deals are readily available online.


Bali is the country of Indonesia. it’s known as the ‘Island of the Gods, Bali has a stunning landscape and endless beaches, it truly is an idyllic romantic honeymoon destination.

This is a place filled with kind and friendly people who capture you with their smiles, welcoming you with open arms to their beautiful Indian Ocean home.


Countries Seychelles is a fantastic place to take your honeymoon with 115 islands full of white sandy beaches, palm trees, and endless aquatic life just waiting to be discovered.

Take a romantic cruise around the islands, taking in the gorgeous scenery and discovering the hidden gems that help to make this destination one of the world’s most popular honeymoon destinations.

Meanwhile, animal lovers can take advantage of the wonderful wildlife, seeing the large land tortoise or even some of the tiniest frogs in the world.


Brazil offers an eclectic mix of buzzing city experiences and romantic relaxing beach walks, it is a fantastic destination for any honeymoon couple looking for an all round holiday.

The countries second largest city, Rio de Janeiro is a fine example, where you have a colorful multi-cultural city brimming with life and laughter, not to mention the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana, the two of the most impressive beaches in the world.


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