Hotels to make you feel like a princess

When William married Kate in May, millions of women around the world sighed at a lost chance to be that lucky lady becoming a real life princess . However the hospitality sector is tapping into women’s desire to feel like a princess, if only for a short time, and with the fantastic hotel deals there … Read more

Tourism Surge Gives Cyprus Summer Hope

As the number of tourists drops this year, Mediterranean islands are bracing themselves for a fall in business – but just released figures gives Cyprus at least hope that this summer might not be as bad as previously predicted. The tourist statistics for April show a remarkable 24% rise in this year’s arrivals compared to … Read more

Winter Vacations: best time to visit dominican republic

best time to visit dominican republic

what is the best time to visit Dominican Republic?. If you’re looking for warmth, sunshine, and relaxation this winter, consider booking yourself a winter vacation to the Dominican Republic. It encompasses two-thirds of Hispaniola Island and is also the location of some of the Caribbean’s most renowned and luxurious resorts. Although it makes a wonderful … Read more