Tourism Surge Gives Cyprus Summer Hope

As the number of tourists drops this year, Mediterranean islands are bracing themselves for a fall in business – but just released figures gives Cyprus at least hope that this summer might not be as bad as previously predicted.

The tourist statistics for April show a remarkable 24% rise in this year’s arrivals compared to last, and if that were to be repeated for the peak summer months it would leave a lot of Cypriot business owners very happy as they look forward to the autumn and winter months.

With many holiday related business having suffered financially in the last three years, have they turned the corner – or is it a blip? The business owners will certainly be hoping the numbers can be sustained.

One reason that the year on year increase could have been as high as it was is because of Easter falling late according to travel site yourcyprus – and with many Europeans taking their first holiday of the year then and Easter falling in late April, it would have had some impact.

This was particularly true for the UK and those considering holidays in Cyprus as there was a public holiday for the royal wedding, two public holidays for Easter, and May Day too – and it meant a lot of people could take two weeks off work but only use 6 or 7 days of their annual holiday entitlement.

For those who are considering visiting this summer, apart from deciding whether to stay in a villa or one of the hotels in Cyprus, what can they expect to find and do on the island?

It can be what people really want a holiday in Cyprus to be – relaxing by their own pool if they take the Cyprus villa holidays route, on the beach, good food and wine or nightclubbing in many of the villages and towns, especially in the well known clubbing resort of Ayia Napa.

It can also be an adventure trip, something that is becoming more in demand, and there are plenty of tourist related busineses that cater for this. Scuba diving, horse riding or biking are just three of the options gaining popularity among those who prefer activity to relaxation.

For the adventurous tourists the hiking trails winding through the rugged terrain are worth the trip. The rural areas that tour guides generally do not put on their schedule brings visitors in touch with traditional Cypriot life in remote villages along the way. Since its earliest history the island has been inhabited by Romans, Egyptians, Persians, Venetians, Ottomans and the British. Each of them imparted cultural values that remain a part of the island today. Cultural artefacts from these civilisations can be found including castles and abbey ruins in the north. It is this diversity that fascinates tourists and makes Cyprus such an attractive destination, along with the weather in Cyprus of course.

One popular resort is Larnaca, and it is set to become more popular in the years ahead with millions of Euros being invested in its infrastructure to help boost tourism. Included in the plans are a new promenade, marina and an 18 hole golf course.

For relaxiing, good beaches and the Mediterranean, villa holidays in Cyprus don’t get much better than at Coral Bay. The beach is family friendly and the whole town is perhaps a bit more upmarket than others – ideal both for families and couples who want to spend a week or two on the island.

Cyprus is a tourist destination more people will be enjoying in 2011 if the April statistics are repeated for the summer months and beyond.

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