Who Will You Meet on a Grand Canyon Whitewater River Trip?

When you set out on a Grand Canyon rafting adventure, you may have dreamed of rafting the Colorado River for years. Or maybe you’ve just recently decided to make the most of life, escape the grind and do something truly remarkable. When you take that leap, you won’t be alone. You’ll be with a group of people with whom you have at least one thing in common – the desire to experience the Grand Canyon from the most exciting and unique perspective there is – the River’s view.

You may wonder who you’ll meet on the river, and the professionals at Grand Canyon Whitewater will tell you that they have seen many friendships form as river guests conquer the rapids together and relax in the good-natured atmosphere of camp at the end of the day. You begin with a group of people you’ve never met who share just that one thing in common and leave as fast friends. Start with a common spirit of adventure and many times you will find that you have much more in common with those other “grab life by the horns” types than you would have ever envisioned. Grand Canyon Whitewater guides have seen people connect with their future spouses, folks who stay connected for decades after taking a trip together, and those Grand Canyon Whitewater rafting addicts who return again and again because they love the trips so much.

Grand Canyon Whitewater raft trips bring together all types of people from around the world. From a family of seven with kids as young as 8, to a couple celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary or a single guy from Manhattan, everyone seems to get along extremely well and enjoy sharing their journey together. Of course, in a place like the Grand Canyon, it’s almost impossible not to.

On the river there are no titles, and what you do doesn’t define who you are. People aren’t distracted by cell phones or stressed over looming deadlines on a Grand Canyon vacation. Life takes on a simple and enjoyable aspect that is contagious as you share a delicious dutch-oven cooked meal and lively conversation. Everyone can experience the sheer enjoyment of jumping into a crystal clear stream and splashing under a waterfall without inhibitions as the simplicity of life on the river seeps into your psyche.

Grand Canyon Whitewater trips are designed to be an experience where every guest can relax, meet other adventurers and create memories to last a lifetime. Grand Canyon Whitewater’s river guides are excellent at bringing everyone together and making sure that a good time is had by all. You are sure to find others on your trip who are just as excited by the history and majesty of the Grand Canyon as you are. The quality of Grand Canyon Whitewater’s camping and rafting gear, hearty meals, and the awe-inspiring setting all create an atmosphere where people can just enjoy each other in a simple and good-hearted manner. And year after year, that’s just what they do.

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