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Cyprus As Safest Destination For Family Vacations

some vacation areas such as Egypt, and Tunisia having civil unrest recently. many families are putting safety ahead, of their wallets and other assets when it comes to priorities. some British holidaymakers take votes from travel-related people.

and They voted Cyprus one of the safest destinations for family vacations. a recent poll of British holidaymakers, the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, has been voted as one of the safest destinations for family vacations.


Cyprus As Safest Destination For Family Vacations

Reporting on the poll findings and internet site MSN commented about why the island would be popular and safe. for UK tourists ‘A British colony until 1960, and widespread use of English has made this Mediterranean island very popular with British holidaymakers. Familiar customs like driving on the left make driving more appealing too.

Cyprus received just under a million visitors from the UK last year, which made up almost half its annual tourist traffic in Cyprus. Adding ‘Sunseekers love Cyprus’ beaches. while explorers nose around Paphos mosaics, and Nicosia’s old walled city. Inland, the Troodos mountains have pretty walking and cycling trails. And traditional villages like Lefkara are famous for lacemaking traditions. Add to this mix the number of good hotels in Cyprus. it’s no surprise that the island made the top three safest destinations for family vacation destinations the poll.


If you are choosing Cyprus to your family vacation destinations?.

The flight time to Cyprus from London for UK holidaymakers is only under four hours. and well-known budget carrier EasyJet provides flights there as do some of the tour operators. And have many regional airlines companies has flights to Cyprus also. When you see the Cyprus political map then you see that some of North Cyprus parts occupying by turkey . it’s divided by 1970 by a is true that, its regarded as one of the safest destinations for a holiday is a testament to the warm welcome locals give to visitors.

but with the UK having intervened to support the Cypriots in the 1970s. And having troop bases there perhaps contributes to the feeling of safety rather. but both are safest for your family vacation destinations.

Winning the poll was Spain, that with MSN observing.

Carmen Hernandez Gomez From Spanish Tourist Board says that ,
About 15 million British tourists visit Spain each year, for their family vacation destinations. They know it really well – most have been coming for decades and nine in 10 have been before, so they feel at home. Hospitals and airports are modern and it’s only two hours away from Britain.

For those taking holidays in Cyprus and who haven’t visited before, what can they expect to find when they visit later this year?. For those who like the Mediterranean and the beach, there are some good blue flag ones to choose from. including Nissi Beach which is well known among locals not only great for swimming and relaxing.
but also well known for water sports including are windsurfing, pedal boating, and water skiing.

Another one which is good for families is Ladies Mile Beach, close to Limassol, an area popular for those who like villa holidays in Cyprus. Due largely to her geographical position, Cyprus has one of the most intriguing pasts, of the Mediterranean islands and makes a fascinating trip, for those interested in history. if you are planning to visit Cyprus? it has too many resorts in Cyprus near sea views.

The past is in many ways still very evident in the architect and sites. The historic intermingling of Egyptians and Byzantine cultures provides a unique mix hard to find anywhere else. Signs and relics of the various conquerors who set foot in Cyprus at one time or another still remain today.

Not bad for an island that shows safe doesn’t have to mean dull.



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