Unforgettable Vacation In The Australian Outback


Unforgettable Vacation In The Australian Outback

The most simple way to visit the top tourist attractions in the Australian Outback is to drive through the 3000 km Stuart Highway. This road connects Adelaide in the south of the continent with Darwin on the north coast. The so-called Outback Capital, Alice Springs is halfway between Adelaide and Darwin.

Unforgettable Vacation In The Australian Outback

Because of the great distances, there is no way to explore the Outback in a few days. However, those who don’t have much time should start their trip in Alice Springs, as there are many well-known tourist attractions near this city. If you want to see more than the famous Uluru, you should make time to visit the whole national park where Uluru can be found, Alice Springs Desert Park.

Undoubtedly the greatest tourist attraction on the Australian continent is Uluru (Ayers Rock), and Alice Springs sees so many tourists because Uluru is relatively close to it. However, many tourists fail to make a correct estimate about the distances in the Australian Outback: ‘close’ means Uluru is 450 km away from Alice Springs.

Those who make the trip from Alice Springs to Uluru should visit the Uluru Kata Tjuta, National Park. Kata Tjuta is really close to Uluru: one must drive only 50 km. The third important tourist attraction is Wattarka – Kings Canyon. This is a national park a little bit further away, at 300 km from Uluru.

Besides the top three tourist attractions, there are a lot more to see. One place to visit is the West MacDonnell Ranges, and the East MacDonnell Ranges. Palm Valley, Hermannsburg, Chambers Pillar are also beautiful places in the Alice Springs area.

Those who want to drive from Alice Springs to Darwin must prepare for a really long journey. They will see great open spaces, endless horizons, and an ever-changing landscape. Some will enjoy the ride, others will find it dull and tiring. There are a few tourist attractions on the way, but not many.

One place to stop is Devils Marbles, 393 km north of Alice Springs. Mataranka, the next interesting place is 660 km away, and from here one must drive only 105 km to reach Katherine and one of the most beautiful places on the continent: Katherine Gorge. Those who arrive in Darwin will have a lot to see in the city itself, and also there are few national parks in the area, out of which Kakadu National Park and Litchfield National Park are the favorites with tourists.

Those who choose to drive south from Alice Springs to Adelaide will reach an opal mining town called Coober Pedy. This town is very different from other Australian tourist attractions: some people love it, others hate it.

Those who are looking for real adventure should visit the Outback of the Australian Outback, the remote north-west territory. This is the Kimberley region, the place where 4×4 drive vehicles are a must. Among the things to be seen, there is the Great Northern Highway that stretches from Broome to Kununurra, the Gibb River Road, national parks, one of the world’s top 5 beaches, waterfalls, rock pools, and secret fishing spots.

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