Traveling to France

traveling to Paris
traveling to Paris

traveling to Paris you are most likely to arrive via one of the two major airports Charles de Gaulle or Orly. Both are less than 20 miles from the heart of Paris and transport can easily be found from both. When traveling from the airport, especially with copious amounts of luggage, the best idea is not to take the metro, but a private taxi or the bus. The metro is a cramped area and is not exactly friendly to those with much luggage. Also, hiring a taxi removes the confusion of potentially getting lost using public transportation.

Once, you have settled into the town there are many easy forms of travel you may take from place to place, including the metro, trains, and buses. You can easily buy tickets individually or save money by buying booklets of ten tickets or the Paris Visite pass which is tailored for tourists. Most tickets can be bought directly from the transport kiosk; however, booklets often can also be acquired from tobacconists and book shops with the RATP sign.

All forms of travel are very efficient and user-friendly. hence why, at first it may seem daunting, but travel in Paris is something you may very easily acclimate to. Now that you are finally settled into the town and familiar with transport you can take yourself anywhere your heart desires. On the top of the list, is probably shopping.

Along with its phantasmagorical architecture, Paris has some of the best shopping in the world. Paris has shopping for everyone, ranging from your flea markets to the top-of-line Gucci stores. The best guide in relevance to shopping is Suzy Gershman’s “Born to Shop Paris”. In Paris stores, usually open at the same time as they do in America; however, once you start getting into finding more rural areas store areas are a bit more laid back. In the Province stores may be closed on Mondays, but most department and supermarket stores remain open until 9 at night. Department stores are basically your go-to place for any amenities you need. They are tourist-friendly and always equipped with the bare essentials.

Now, if you’re going to be shopping and touring it is best to familiarize yourself with the local currency. Throughout most of Europe, the Euro is used, the Euro comes in about the same denomination as American or British money. However, the exchange rate fluctuates; hence, it is essential to check the rates before leaving. Money can always be easily obtained via banks and currency exchange services. Most of the banks in France are open from Monday to Friday and will provide you with transfers; however, if a bank is not obtainable then post offices and hotels usually offer currency exchange services. However, major credit cards like American Express and Visa are both widely accepted. To use a card many stores require a minimum purchase of 15 euros, so always carry cash for these cheaper purchases. Also, cash is most commonly used when shopping in the markets.

Also, before traveling anywhere beware of local health and safety laws. Paris is a safe town; however, if you are to fall ill while there, there are a few things you should know. The most common attack is theft; hence, keep your wallets close and beware of leaving valuables in the car. There are local doctors and hospitals everywhere that cater to tourists; hence, if you are to become sick that is the place to head to. Paris is a beautiful place to take your family on holiday and taking these precautions it will also make for a marvelous trip.


Places You Cannot Miss in Paris

You must see places to go in Paris France is also called the City of Romance. And you can also be sure to have a fantastic, romantic weekend if you go to Paris. In the city, you can eat great food, spend hours shopping and see some of Europe’s most amazing sights.

The Eiffel Tower is seen as the landmark of places to go in Paris France. It was created in 1889 for the World Exhibition. The plan was to demolish it after the exhibition, but because of its popularity, the plan was changed. The Eiffel Tower is 319 meters (1047 feet), and until 1931, when the Empire State Building was finished, the world’s highest building.

for places to go in Paris France If you like to visit the tower, you have to be patient. In the high season, the line can be very long because of the limited capacity of the elevator. So might have to wait a couple of hours, if you did not take the 1.665 stairs instead. But the view is worth all the trouble. On a clear day, you can see 70 kilometers (43 miles).

The Louvre Museum was made famous by Dan Brown in his book The Da Vinci Code. But the museum is more than a crime scene in a famous book. It is also the scene of one of the world’s most amazing art exhibitions. Look for the Mona Lisa painted by Leonardo da Vinci and the ancient Greek statue Venus from Milo when you do not loses to see places to go in Paris France

But the exhibition in the old building from 1190 is much more than a statue and a painting. You can also experience ancient are from Greece and Egypt; or modern fashion and design. So if you are both too old and modern art, one day is not enough to see it all.

Other great France places to visit are Champs-Elyses and Notre Dame Cathedral. You might also want to visit Versailles about 30 kilometers (19 miles) from the city center. Disneyland will certainly also make yourself and your kids happy.

When you are on a vacation to Paris, you would probably also want to do some shopping. If so, you have come to the right city. In the department stores, you find all the famous luxury trademarks. All the haute couture fashion houses are on the right bank of the Seine; most of them near the Rue du Faubourg-St-Honor. Here you find Christian Dior, Pierre Cardin, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Giorgio Armani.

If you are more into markets, Paris is a great city. You can find old postcards, porcelain, musical instruments, and books at the March de la Porte de Vanves market. Superb food can be bought at the Rue Mouffetard market, while cheap souvenir is found around Rue de Rivoli.

In the evening you should visit a typical French restaurant for a gourmet meal and a bottle of red wine. Another option is a sunset cruise on the Seine. If you have more energy left, you could party in one of Paris’s many nightclubs.


Provence Attractions of France

Provence is in Mediterranean southeastern France bordering Italy when you traveling to France. Provence is distinguished from the rest of France by incredible history, amazing topography, unique culture, local culinary specialties, and the pleasant climate, courtesy of the cooling Mistral wind. All this contributes to making it one of the most popular regions of France for visitors.

After traveling to France There are many historic Provence attractions. Paleolithic sites near Nice date from 900 000 B.C., others between 600 000 and 19 000 B.C. There are caves decorated with drawings of bison, penguins, and horses. Provence was colonized by Greeks, Phocaeans, Celts, Gauls, and Romans. The Holy Roman Empire dominated until the 13th century with a legacy of exquisite abbeys. This input from a variety of cultures has imparted a rich mix of ancient buildings and art.

You can visit this area after traveling to France. The exposure of wealth through farming, tanning, shipbuilding, and world-famous pottery in the 17th century lead to expansion and beautification throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. Opera houses were erected in Marseilles and Toulon along with wide streets and boulevards which still grace the cities today. Culture continued to lead when the Cannes Film Festival was launched in 1939, only to be canceled on opening night due to the start of World War Two. Relaunching in 1947, Cannes is one of the biggest film festivals in the world and a tribute to Provence’s dedication to the arts.

The painters of Provence make for an impressive role call: Paul Czanne, Vincent van Gogh, Auguste Renoir, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Pierre Bonnard, and Claude Monet all hail from here. A highlight of a Provence trip would certainly be the wooden ceiling of Frejus Cathedral, with amazing paintings including a demon with the tail of a snake and images depicting scenes from the Bible.

Province’s food is heavily influenced by the sea: fish soup (Bouillabaisse) or grilled Rouget or loup fish finished off over grapevine charcoal remain two favorites. Escabeche — marinated sardines — can be found both poached or fried. The wines lean towards rose, while Pastis — a traditional anise liquor — is also a delicious aperitif when you traveling to France


The Dordogne Property Gold Rush

The Dordogne region of France has long been popular with British people looking for a new home or a second home. The region has a lot to offer. It includes a long background, a conventional, rural way of life, and stunning natural splendor. Located in the southwest of France near the Pyrenees and the Loire Valley it is also close to other regions full of attractions to the tourist. Consequently, Dordogne Property is highly popular.

The Dordogne River which gives the area its name is a popular location to stay for its tranquility and beauty. The area has more castles than any other in France with more than 1 thousand. The background of the area goes back much further than that with a number of prehistoric sites including the Lascaux Caves with their famous paintings. Anyone who has visited France will know that every region has its own culinary delicacies and the Dordogne is exactly the same. It is well recognized for foie gras and duck dishes. Foodies can also visit the small producers within the region for the finest products and to see how they’re made.

French people often refer to the Dordogne as Little Britain, simply because the area has been a favorite with the English for a long time. It is possible to have a lifestyle that has largely vanished in England so many individuals have moved there. It is also popular with British holidaymakers.

There are four primary geographical areas to consider when searching for a property in the region. The northern region is called Green Perigord and is really a location of rolling valleys along with a big national park, Perigord-Limousin. Perigueux, the regional capital, is discovered in the White Perigord region. The southwest of the area is named Purple Perigord following its grapes. The more rugged southern region, Black Perigord is full of deep gorges, ancient forests and is home to many prehistoric caves.

Whether you’re searching for a property in a town or village or out in the countryside you will be in a position to discover it in the Dordogne. It is also feasible to find properties of all sizes and many different styles, even small chateaux. Numerous people dream of remodeling an old property and it is even now feasible to get places. DIY enthusiasts should beware and take care to adhere to the local regulations as these can be really strict and also the penalties for non-compliance may be harsh. Whatever type of property you’re searching for you would be well advised to take a good look around and not go for the first thing which looks like a bargain.

If you do not want to drive all the way it is easy to find a flight. There are a couple of airports in Bergerac and Limoges that are served by carriers from the U. K. Also Toulouse and Bordeaux are within a short driving distance depending on which side of the region you are. The two airports are in Bergerac and Limoges which are served by airports in the United Kingdom. Also, Toulouse and Bordeaux have larger airports and you can drive there.

Purchasing property in France is relatively straightforward and within the existing monetary situation, can be very reasonable. Numerous vendors are lowering the prices as the market slows down. English owners have been in a position to make use of the currency fluctuations to their benefit. It means they can drop their prices much lower than European vendors and still make cash or at least recover their costs so try searching for an English vendor.

Dordogne Property is a great investment in a beautiful area of France which is highly desired. Check out what is available now while prices are low.


Never Travel In France Without Packing These Important Items

Few things in the world are as exciting and enlightening as an excursion to France, but it is vital to put careful thought into packing for such a trip. When traveling abroad, especially in a country that speaks a foreign language, there are a few key items that cannot be left behind. It is not advisable to attempt to travel to France without taking along these essential items.

Nobody envisions themselves standing in front of The Eiffel Tower fumbling with an awkward map. They may not always look cool, but maps are absolutely necessary when visiting an unfamiliar country. It is much better to seem a little bit silly than to get lost and barely speak the language. To avoid carrying around a big map, try a pocket-sized version or download one to a mobile phone.

In France, the best way to get around is on foot. This means that one of the most important things to pack is a pair of comfortable walking shoes. It would be awful to make it all the way to France and not enjoy the sights because of aching feet. Those who cannot afford a new pair of shoes should at least invest in a couple of walking inserts to help them along.

People who are new to international travel may be unaware that it is necessary to convert the electrical current before using any electronics. Although the converters are easy to find and inexpensive at home, it is shocking how difficult they are to find in France. Most electronics from overseas will not fit into European outlets and the foreign currency can cause them to burn out.

While it is not necessary to be fluent in French when visiting France, it helps to know a few key terms just to get around. Be sure to pack some kind of translator, whether it is electronic or a book. Electronic translators are great because they can pronounce the words, but a travel map with keywords is easy to pull in and out of a backpack when it is needed.

When traveling to France, the luggage itself is just as important as what is inside of it. The easiest way to get around the country is by train, so be sure to use a suitcase that is easy to wheel around stations and will fit nicely under a train seat or into an overhead compartment. It is also a good idea to choose luggage that has secure spots for important items such as tickets and passports.

A visit to France is one of the most magical experiences that anyone can have. These few important items are sure to make the entire trip more comfortable and less stressful. Do not travel in France without making sure they are along for the ride.


Red Wines From France With some of Matching Tips

No question: one is the best reason to visit France is the wine. They produce the most. They drink the most. They export the most. You must try their wines if you haven’t drunk yet. Without an endless list, we try to suggest to you some great French wines and some pairing advice with fine foods.

Our first stop is Rhone. This region’s Viognier and Syrah are very fine. A great Syrah is Delas St. Joseph Francois de Tournon (2005). This wine is a deep-colored ruby red with delicious aromas such as cassis. It has a very good texture with an ideal tannic structure, finally, it’s silky. Our suggestion is Beef Daube.

visit France
visit France

Another beautiful region is Languedoc-Roussillon. In southwest France curves around a corner of the Mediterranean, from Provence in the east down to the borders with Spain and Andorra in the south. Beziers is the capital of the region’s wine industry; with some excellent wines such as Tortoise Creek Pinot Noir (2008). An ultimate choice from France. A Pinot Noir that is soft, well-balanced, and jammy. It is loaded with violet aromas with sweet red berry and cherry fruit characteristics with nicely integrated oak nuances. Great to pair it with Bourguignon or Chicken Pancetta.

West of Carcassone you can find La Noble vineyard. Their Merlot is excellent. It has the aroma of ripe plums, but it is a spicy one with a touch of green pepper. Dense fruit leads to a smooth finish. We would recommend a food next to La Noble Merlot from 2005, which is Spinach Salad and Bacon.

We mustn’t forget Bordeaux. A nice town n the region is Medoc which is very famous for Bordeaux Red Blends. Elegant, tannic, and harmonious wines come from here. One of the best is Chateau Lamothe Pontiac Medoc from 2005. This also a fruity wine with cherry and vanilla notes. Fulfilled with spices, and of the most important is cinnamon which is quite rare. We offer this well-balanced fine wine Roasted Mutton.

Wine-making traditions are stronger in the Minervois region than at lots of other wineries. Cicero and Pline were among Minervois lovers. Minervois wines are full-body red wines. Well structured and elegant when young, quite tannic and silky after 2 or 3 years in a cellar. Chateau Maris Minervois La Touge (2004) a powerful red wine in the style of the region. Concentrated aromas of blackberry and currant harmonize with a characteristic bouquet of local wild herb or “garrigue”, smoke and spice. Full-bodied and rich, with dense ripe tannins that are impressive yet not overwhelming or harsh. Nice mix of depth and finesse. Pair with Herb Crusted Lamb Chops.

It was only five great wines from the wine kingdom. Let’s try with us other wines as well.


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