Intel® RealSense™ technology is fundamentally reshaping the future of technology, enabling truly “smart” devices that can see, understand, interact with, and learn from their environments. By equipping devices with the ability to perceive and understand the world around them, Intel® RealSense™ technology is expanding our ability to collect, store and analyze data, and contributing to the exciting new frontiers of computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence – fields that hold the potential to make our world safer, more productive and more immersive.

These long-awaited and still largely undefined markets have the power to help us perform both highly complex processes and everyday activities, whether collision avoidance in automobiles and drones, or completion household chores. To understand the extraordinary nature of Intel RealSense technology, consider the human perceptual system: eyes, ears, hands and other sensors connected to a cerebral cortex in the brain. Our human perceptual system allows us to instantly and effortlessly take in, understand and respond to all the objects and people we encounter. Now, Intel RealSense technology can too.

Intel RealSense technology helps make everyday tasks easier and more intuitive. From personal robots to intelligent drones, from independent vacuums to voice-activated cameras and styling assistants like Echo Look – our relationship to devices is rapidly changing, as our interactions become increasingly seamless, intuitive and natural.

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