Windows 10 Mobile Will No Longer Be Supported After December 10

When it comes to mobile devices, Microsoft has pretty much lost on that front where at the moment, the scene is pretty much populated by iOS and Android devices. That being said, we imagine that there are probably some users out there who might be on Windows 10 Mobile, but it looks like your time has come.


Microsoft has confirmed that after the 10th of December, there will no longer be support for Windows 10 Mobile. This means that the operating system will not be receiving anymore updates, patches, or hotfixes. It will be essentially dead in the water where if there are any bugs or vulnerabilities, Microsoft will no longer be interested in fixing it.

To that end, Microsoft has also since recommended users to switch to a different operating system. That being said, while Microsoft may no longer be in the running as far as mobile operating systems are concerned, the company still hasn’t completely given up on their mobile ambitions just yet.

Just a couple of months ago, Microsoft unveiled the Surface Duo, a foldable smartphone that runs on Android. There is no word on how much it will cost but it is expected to be released in 2020. How well it will fare remains to be seen.

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