Snapchat’s April Fool’s Joke Is All Kinds Of Win

With the launch of Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, and WhatsApp Status, it seems that Facebook certainly had no qualms about copying one of Snapchat’s more prominent features. Given that the company had tried to acquire Snapchat years ago, we guess this is their way of incorporating some of Snapchat’s features without actually buying the company.

Interestingly enough Snap (owner of Snapchat) has been pretty quiet on that front, but it looks like the company might have gotten back at Facebook with its April Fool’s prank. As spotted by Kirt Wagster at Recode, it seems that Snapchat has an April Fool’s prank filter where after you snap selfie using the app and swipe right to apply the filter, what you get is the screenshot to the right.

Looks familiar? Yup, it looks like Snapchat has finally decided to let the folks at Facebook know that they are aware of the Stories feature by making their latest filter look a lot like none other than Instagram. It’s hilarious and we guess in a way it looks like Snapchat isn’t being particularly serious or too upset about Facebook “stealing” some of their features, but either way this is still all kinds of win.

This filter will presumably last until the end of April Fool’s which should be ending in a couple of hours for some of you guys, so check it out before it disappears!

Image credit – Kirt Wagster/Recode

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