Nintendo Switch Activity Logs Reset After A Year

Wondering how long you’ve spent playing a game? Most platforms will let players know how long they’ve spent on a particular title, like the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately it seems that potentially due to a bug, the activity log of the Switch has been wiped on its first anniversary, much to the annoyance of many gamers.

According to a tweet by Nintendo, they confirmed the issue by saying, “Some Nintendo Switch owners’ play activity information is displaying incorrectly. We are aware of the issue and we expect to have more information to share in the near future.” Basically now it seems that gamers won’t be able to see how long they’ve spent playing a particular game, like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

It is a bit unfortunate as activity logs like that can be something of a bragging right, where there are some gamers who have spent hundreds of hours over the course of several years on their favorite game. It is unclear if Nintendo has a way of restoring the information, but the mishap has resulted in gamers calling out the company on it and asking for a better activity log.

Whether or not that will eventually be implemented remains to be seen. If you’re not the type that bothers with this kind of data, then we guess this doesn’t really change anything for you.

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