New Camera Tech Helps Self-Driving Cars See Around Corners

Self-driving cars work by using cameras and sensors to detect what’s in front of it so that it knows how to stay in its lane and also how to avoid obstacles. However seeing around corners, that’s a trick that the folks at MIT CSAIL have managed to teach self-driving cars thanks to the use of new camera technology.

How this camera technology works is that it uses changes in lighting to determine what might be around the corner and if there are any obstacles to avoid. For example what if a self-driving car turned a corner and suddenly there was a person crossing the road, or if there are construction signs that don’t allow cars to pass? With this camera technology, the subtle changes in light on the floor will help the cars determine what’s around the corner.

It seems that this system works pretty well under most conditions, even in rainy weather, and the best part is that it does not require any expensive technology and can be installed at a relatively low cost. However the only downside to this setup is that it does not work when there is insufficient or no light, so if you’re driving down the backroads along the countryside where there might not be any ambient light or street lights, then this system would not work out so well.

However it does seem to hold some potential and if you’re like to check it out, then watch the video above for a demonstration of it in action.

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