Neon Pink/Green Joy-Cons For Nintendo Switch Launching In US

Last year when Splatoon 2 was announced, it was also revealed that Nintendo would be launching a Splatoon 2 Nintendo Switch bundle. This included a copy of the game along with neon pink and green Joy-Cons. The controllers have been available in Europe and Japan for a while now, but it is finally coming stateside.

In a tweet by the Nintendo of America account, the company has announced that the neon pink and green Joy-Cons will be launching stateside later this month. While pricing was not mentioned, it’s safe to assume that these controllers will be priced the same as the other Joy-Cons, and that the only difference will be in its color scheme.

That being said based on the comments on Twitter, it seems that there have been quite a few gamers who couldn’t be bothered to wait and have already imported them from other countries that they are available in. However if you haven’t imported them yourself, then not to worry as they should be made available later this month.

We expect that in the future Nintendo will probably be launching more Joy-Cons in different color or stylistic configurations, although trying to collect all of them could prove to be a rather expensive hobby!

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