Huawei Says New Smartwatch Will Come In Due Course


The last smartwatch that Huawei released was the Huawei Watch 2. It came out in April last year. It has thus been a considerable amount of time and Huawei is yet to release a new smartwatch. When asked if the company is still into making smartwatches, the company’s CEO Richard Yu confirmed that to be the case but mentioned that the new smartwatch would arrive in due course.

Yu said that the company hasn’t given up on making smartwatches but added that its working on make these devices better before it releases a new one. “It needs more innovation, and we are working on that,” he said.

Huawei wants to make substantial improvements to smartwatches and to make the experience better than it is now. “We want to make the smartwatch more useful, more intimate, more functional, and with much longer battery life,” Yu added.

Yu also pointed to Huawei’s substantial investment in artificial intelligence and acknowledged that it would be a major part of future models “for sure.” The battery life has always been a concern on smartwatches and Yu hopes to have it ramped up to one week instead of the two days of battery life that most smartwatches can muster today.

This is by no means a confirmation of what Huawei’s next smartwatch will bring to the table but these comments do show that the company isn’t giving up on this wearable form factor just yet.

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