Google Testing ‘More Results’ Button On Mobile Search

Google recently announced that they would be rolling out their mobile-first indexing feature where search results on mobile would start indexing websites that are mobile-optimized. Now it seems that Google could be working on more mobile-friendly search results, this time in the form of infinite scrolling.

According to reports, Google has enabled a server-side feature where upon reaching the bottom of the search results, users have the option of clickin “More results” which will then load more search results. This is versus the current method where you’d have to click “next” in which it will load another page. This is evidenced in the screenshots above where the image to the left is the current version while the one of the right is the new version that Google is testing out.

Is this “better” than what Google already offers? We suppose in theory it could mean less loading times which could make it more mobile-friendly. It also makes it easier for users to go through all the search results from top to bottom without having to jump between pages, although admittedly if you are jumping in between pages chances are you’ll probably need to redefine the search parameters.

However this appears to be a test as not all users are seeing the changes, meaning that there is no guarantee that Google will implement this new feature, but what say you? Is this something you’d like to see in mobile search in the future?

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