Google Photos Lets Users Create Their Own Themed Videos

Google Photos is more than just a way for users to back-up their photos and videos. It is also smart enough to group photos and videos together based on when/where they were taken, which makes it easier to find them later. It can also put together a short video based on the photos/videos that you’ve taken.

Now it looks like Google is taking it one step further, by introducing a new feature that will let users create themed videos. According to Google, “You might have seen Google Photos automatically create these movies for you before—but now, you have the ability to create one whenever you want. With a range of themes, from ‘They Grow Up So Fast’ to the feline favorite ‘Meow Movie,’ it’s the perfect way to celebrate all of your favorite people, furry friends, and treasured moments.”

Making a video is supposedly simple and straightforward, where users just need to launch the Google Photos app, go to the Assistant tab, tap “Movie” to get started, pick a theme and the photos you want in the video, and you’re good to go. Google claims that they will be using machine learning to help select photos based on your choices, but ultimately users still get a say at the end of the day if they want to tweak/edit the movie further.

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