‘Converbration’ App Tells You Which Messages Are Worth Attending To

We have all been on the receiving end of text messages where the reply is a one word answer like, “Yes”, “No”, “OK”, “LOL”, or even worse, “K”. Regardless of the length of message, your phone vibrates and alerts you all the same, which is kind of a waste of time because why bother interrupting whatever you’re doing just to receive a text that has one word, right?

The good news is that for Android users there is an app called Converbration. The idea of the app is simple, and that is it will have different alerts depending on the context of the message. Its description reads, “Now you’ll know if a message needs to be read right away or if it can wait until later. You’ll know if a message can be read in public, or if it’s private. It can also automatically ignore annoying messages for you. No more taking your phone out to see “lol” or a message that is only fixing a typo.”

Basically if the message is short and not worth responding to right away, you’ll know, but if it’s a lengthy message then it’ll let you know as well. It is apparently easy to setup and intuitive and intelligent and will learn what kind of messages you want to be alerted to in the future. Users can also set filters to filter our certain words for alerts.

We can’t speak to its effectiveness but it has received pretty high ratings on the Google Play Store, so if you’re interested in checking it out, head on over for the free download.

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