Android 9 Pie seems to be messing with the Pixel XL’s ability to fast charge

As with any major software release, Google’s recent launch of Android 9.0 Pie hasn’t gone off without some early bugs and issues. The company just pushed out an Android Auto app update to get its in-car experience working nicely again with Pie, but owners of the original Pixel XL are having some troubles of their own.

Users are reporting that Android Pie has seemingly stopped their phone from fast charging when plugged into many chargers. Even Google’s own charger isn’t working as it should in some cases. Other Pixel XL owners say the bundled charger still functions properly and displays “charging rapidly,” but third-party USB-PD (power delivery) chargers no longer juice up the XL as quickly as they did pre-update. Android Police first documented the ongoing problem.

Google has oddly marked a bug report on the problem as “won’t fix (infeasible),” which is likely alarming to see for those experiencing it, especially since it can very clearly be attributed to the Android 9.0 update. Things were working normally, then Pie came, and then something broke. A second thread has been posted with more users chiming in to confirm they’re affected.

Hopefully this is a bug that Google can fix as part of a monthly security update; those patches often include Pixel-only software tweaks that are separate from full-blown Android OS updates, which come less frequently. The Verge has reached out to Google for more details on the situation. The smaller first-gen Pixel seems to be unaffected, as are the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

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