Airbnb Rentals In Amsterdam Limited To 30 Days Per Year

Airbnb has become such a lucrative business to the point where there are professional Airbnb hosts who actually buy/rent apartments to use specifically for hosting purposes. However not everyone appreciates apartment units in their building being rented out for Airbnb since sometimes you’re not sure what kind of people it brings.

However over in Amsterdam, it seems that the city has decided that Airbnb rentals will only be limited to 30 days a year. This is according to where housing alderman Laurens Ivens was quoted as saying, “I recognize that reducing the length of time is not the solution to city congestion but it will reduce the problems caused by tourists in some areas and will make it less inviting to use your home as a way to earn money.”

That being said, Amsterdam’s decision isn’t a new one. Various cities around the world have also implemented their own limitations for Airbnb rentals, with Paris setting a maximum of 120 days per year; London at 90 days; while in New York short-term rentals that are less than 30 days are considered illegal.

Unsurprisingly Amsterdam’s decision did not sit well with Airbnb, where the public policy manager for the Netherlands and Nordics Bo de Koning said, “The Airbnb community – which consists of 19,000 Amsterdam hosts – is disappointed by your announcement this morning to favour big hotels over local families who occasionally share their homes.”

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