Uber’s new ‘Sign Language’ campaign is a step in the right direction

Uber today caught my attention by reversing course and doing something worthy of praise for a change. In support of Deaf Awareness Month, Uber is now offering a mini-course in how to communicate with your driver — or passenger, if you’re an Uber driver — should you be paired with one that is deaf, or hard of hearing.

Uber Sign Language features a handful of video tutorials detailing how to sign simple words and phrases, like: “hello,” “I am (your name),” “thank you,” “turn left,” and “turn right.”

Notably absent was any sort of instruction on how to ask former CEO Travis Kalanick on how “Jobs-ing it” is going, but maybe someone can help us out in the comments below.

Kidding aside, approximately a million people in the US alone are deaf, and anything a company can do to facilitate better communication with this undeserved segment is worthy of praise.

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