Twitter wants to save you from sending a tweet instead of a direct message

Why it matters to you

It can be supremely embarrassing, and even dangerous, to tweet instead of direct message. Twitter makes it harder for you to make that mistake.

Halt! Did you really mean to send that as a tweet? If you’re an active denizen of the Twitterverse, then you know exactly how embarrassing it can be to send a tweet instead of a direct message (DM). But now, Twitter (in all its magnanimity) is helping to ensure that you never embarrass yourself (in that way) again. The mobile app now has a safeguard against that confusion by warning you that you’re about to send a tweet instead of a DM.

Now, when you start your reply on Twitter with “DM,” the mobile app will display a pop-up warning that tells you that you are not sending a direct message to someone. The message reads, “You’re Tweeting this. Anything sent from the Tweet compose field will now be sent like any other Tweet.”

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