SMX West: What Google’s exact match changes mean for AdWords advertisers [Podcast]


SMX West was buzzing this week, and much of the conversation was about Google’s recent change to how exact match keywords will work in AdWords campaigns.

Although the news just came out last week, the SMX programming team quickly organized a “flash session” that happened Wednesday morning before the scheduled agenda began. Panelists including Marketing Land’s Ginny Marvin and SMX moderators Matt Van Wagner and Brad Geddes took questions for almost an hour from a big crowd of concerned advertisers. They covered topics including

  • impact on negative keywords.
  • whether phrase match still matters.
  • campaign sculpting.
  • client expectations and communication.
  • impact of voice search.
  • and much more.

In this week’s Marketing Land Live podcast, Ginny Marvin and I recap that excellent session with two audio clips from the audience Q&A. The episode runs just under 40 minutes. You can listen here or use the link below to subscribe via your favorite podcast service.

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Show notes

Google to further dilute exact match in AdWords; will ignore word order & function words

Seriously, Google, can you just make exact match exact?

Thanks for listening! Join us again next week for another episode of Marketing Land Live.

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