Reddit’s ‘Place’ forces millions to work together in creating something beautiful

Place‘ is a collaborative canvas — and Reddit’s newest April Fools’ day social experiment — that challenges millions of users to work together in order to create something beautiful. Or, draw a bunch of dicks and meme references.

The experiment is available on desktop, iOS and Android and it’s essentially a cooperative canvas, where each user gets a single pixel to paint with. You can use your pixel to start a new drawing, or add to someone else’s, but once you use it you’ll have to wait five minutes before you get another. It’s essentially a giant game of Pictionary, only trolls are in charge of the canvas, and all you can do is guess what they’re trying to create.

Currently, there are over 40,000 people collaborating and the results are somewhat predictable. There’s a lot of nothing, followed by a few recognizable images: snoo, a health pack, a demon-looking object, and a couple of hearts. And in typical Reddit fashion, a few messages from trolls.

If you want to contribute, or just check it out yourself, head over to r/place.

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