Ordering Domino’s is as easy as typing ‘pizza’ in Messenger

It may just be the easiest food around, and now, it’s also the easiest food to order. Domino’s has officially launched its Facebook Messenger chatbot that lets you order a pie with just one word — “PIZZA.” Because really, why complicate something so … uncomplicated?

Named “Dom,” the bot is described as “an artificially intelligent customer whiz designed to help superfans get their No. 1 fix of cheesy food heaven.” And while Pizza Hut had previously announced its own plans for a pizza-ordering bot at the MobileBeat 2016 conference, it looks like its fast food competitor has beat it to the punch.

“Domino’s is one of the first brands to use the Messenger platform in this way, allowing pizza lovers to request a freshly handmade delivery,” the company’s release notes. And while the bot is currently available only in the U.K. and Ireland, rest assured that demand for this feature will soon have Dom available somewhere near you.

To take advantage of the chat bot, eligible customers (those across the pond) need only to set up an Easy Order account at dominos.co.uk. You can either input a delivery address or mark your preference for in-store pickup. Then, link your account to your Facebook profile, then open up Messenger, either on your phone or on a desktop browser, and message “pizza” to Dom to place your order.

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This is just the latest in the pizza chain’s continuing quest to make ordering pizza almost too easy. Earlier this year, Domino’s launched its Easy Order feature, which lets hungry customers buy a pizza by doing nothing more than pressing a button — either on their Apple Watch or online. And it looks like the pie purveyor is looking for more ways to integrate technology with their toppings.

“We’re delighted to allow our customers to order direct from Messenger – with 1 billion monthly active people using Messenger each month – it’s the obvious choice for Domino’s,” said Nick Dutch, head of digital at Domino’s. “We want to make ordering our freshly handmade pizza as easy as possible so we’re always on the look-out for new ways in which we can do this. Just message ‘pizza’ — or send an emoji.  It really couldn’t be easier.”

And what’s next for Domino’s? “Pizza on the moon perhaps,” Dutch mused. “Now that would be something!”

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