How influential are you? Skorr uses A.I. to measure and improve social reach

Discovering just how many people that post reached is no longer just for big brands — using artificial intelligence and more than two dozen different data points, Skorr is a new app that measures social media influence across multiple channels for individuals and small businesses. Launching on the App Store and Google Play on Monday, May 7, Skorr measures and monitors social media influence, along with delivering suggestions for improvements and creating social challenges among friends. 

The app is from developer Slaicos Lda, a start-up based in Portugal that recently passed the one-year mark. Skorr will measure and analyze influence from six of the major platforms — Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumbler, and YouTube — to give users a Skorr index based on a scale of 1 to 100.

While a number of programs work to measure social media impact, Skorr uses both data and artificial intelligence to offer social insight. Mixing in hard data with machine learning for natural language processing, emotion analysis, and link analysis, Skorr gives each user a social score or Skorr, continues to monitor performance and builds in insight for expanding reach.

“We wanted to give individuals the same degree of empowerment and control of their presence online as big brands and companies already have,” Skorr CEO and founder Miguel Caeiro said in a statement. “With the fast-changing environment in social media offering wonderful opportunities and challenges, but also some threats, we saw the need to provide this coaching ability to all users.”

Beyond tracking factors like likes, and views, Skorr uses natural language processing to identify the biggest trends across posts. Using A.I., the program will then offer immediate feedback on new posts and even attempt to predict the post’s success. Machine learning allows the app to generate tips based on each user’s Skorr, with the app becoming more intuitive in those tips the more each influencer (or would-be influencer) uses the app.

Caeiro says the company worked for more than a year with the “most demanding clients” — teenagers. While developed and tested with teenagers in mind, Skorr can also be used for influencers, small business owners and others on social media.

As the app grows, Skorr will also add in the ability to challenge another Skorr friend. The challenges aren’t necessarily based on that overall Skorr since users will be able to create their own challenges.

The developers say that Skorr is built “to the highest standards of data security and privacy.” The app’s A.I. tools will help the app to build in additional privacy-focused features — for example, Caeiro says the image recognition built in could also create alerts when users are about to post a photo that contains data such as a license plate, credit card number or other personal information in the background in the future.

Available in the U.S. and Europe, Skorr is available as a free download from the App Store and Google Play.

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