Customer Experience vs User Experience: Why the difference matters

User experience is not the same as customer experience.

While most designers directly influence the UX, they also need to understand the larger context of the CX. The customer experience represents every step of the journey from when users are running price comparisons, to when users try the product, to when users may resort to customer service if their needs aren’t met.

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Let’s explore the nuances of each field, and how a better understanding of CX makes you a much stronger UX designer.

What is User Experience?

The UX is the customer/user’s experience with a specific product, for our purposes, a website, app, or software. The design of the interface — its usability, information architecture, navigation, comprehension, learnability, visual hierarchy, etc. — all combine to create the UX, whether positive or negative.

The goal of the UX designers, then, is to make sure the brand designs products that solve the right problem in an efficient and enjoyable manner.

What is Customer Experience?

CX has a greater scope: It’s the customer’s experiences with all channels of the brand, including a specific product like an app. CX is an umbrella concept encompassing all channels and all products within the same brand, and how the user feels about them.