Create websites and apps that jump off the screen with this JavaScript essentials training — only $29

22-year-olds are just getting started in life. But a 22-year-old programming language? For most, that’s forced-obsolescence, collecting-social-security, twilight-years territory. Not so for JavaScript. With two decades under its belt, JS is still remarkably vital, continuing to serve as the backbone code for an overwhelming volume of web and app development projects.

With that kind of ongoing reach, JavaScript is an essential programming skill — one you can master efficiently with the courses in the Essential JavaScript Coding bundle. You can start 2018 with this limited time deal, just $ 29 (over 90 percent off) from TNW Deals.

Over 15 courses, you’ll get the full overview of JavaScript and its prominent role in front-end development. As you get familiar with the basics of this easy-to-use and easy-to-understand language, your training will also venture into the versatile frameworks, libraries and other useful tools found in the JS universe.

From working with Angular to assemble apps to using Grunt for streamlining your workflow to integrating resources like Bootstrap and D3 into your work, you’ll find a ton of JS-related options for handling virtually any web build.

An over $ 1,000 value, this full JavaScript immersion training is available right now for only $ 29 while this deal lasts.

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