4 Free Instragram Tools to Get You Started

If you’ve been thinking about getting your brand up and running on Instagram but you aren’t sure if it’s right for you and your brand – or you want to give Instagram a shot but don’t want to invest major money in it just yet – these four tools will give you everything you need to get your brand started. And as a bonus, they are all available for free.

1. Instagram Insights

After a long wait, Instagram has finally rolled out brand profiles and with them proper analytics tools.

Brand profiles connect directly to your Facebook business Page enabling easy cross-posting and sharing across the two platforms. Additionally, once you’ve set up your brand profile, you’ll be given access to Instagram Insights.

Insights offers a range of analytical tools to help manage your Instagram presence. These features include Impression tracking, demographic analysis, and more. Additionally, it opens up the ability to promote your brand through posts utilizing demographic data from Instagram and Facebook.

Four Free Instragram Tools to Get You Started | Social Media Today

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a full social media dashboard that can be used with a number of social media platforms, including Instagram. Hootsuite offers a wide array of features for Instagram, including content scheduling, suggested content, and analytics.

There is a free version of the platform available which offers the ability to use up to three social accounts on the dashboard at once. And in addition to the analytics and scheduling options, Hootsuite also has a wide array of apps that can be installed onto the dashboard and a number of social media courses to help beef up your social skills.

Four Free Instragram Tools to Get You Started | Social Media Today

3. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is a simple but effective tool for Instagram that helps with one key aspect of analytics – relationship management.

Crowdfire analyzes who you follow and who follows you and produces lists based on that data. It can offer insights into who you follow that doesn’t follow back and vice-versa. Additionally, it provides follow recommendations based on who you already follow, what you post about, and where you’re located, enabling you to grow your community.

Four Free Instragram Tools to Get You Started | Social Media Today

4. Simply Measured’s ‘Instagram User Analysis’ Report

So, you’ve had your brand up and running on Instagram for a while and you want to get an overview of how things have been going? Simply Measured is a social media analytics platform and as part of that platform, they offer an ‘Instagram User Analysis‘ report for free to anyone with less than 25,000 followers.

Rather than an ongoing analytics option, this offers a quick and easy 2-month snapshot of how you’re doing on Instagram. The report provides a broad overview of your brand on Instagram including engagement, keyword analysis, best posting times, and more. 

Four Free Instragram Tools to Get You Started | Social Media Today

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