How To Save Money On A Trip abroad while you travel

Just off the Spanish mainland, Majorca is one of Europe’s most popular holiday islands. both British and German tourists visiting the Mediterranean island time and again.

But with many families having less disposable cash at the moment, advice on how to still have a holiday in Majorca but spending less than, in previous years is more sought after than a few years ago.

There’s plenty of advice on how to save money while on your overseas holidays. and one way families are cutting their costs is to opt for package trips. and a trend increasing so much that well known tour operator First Choice. And part of the TUI travel group that includes Thomson Holidays, is to offer this only from 2012.


But new research shows that something as simple as which day you leave and return from your holiday and can have a major impact on the overall cost, with the same trip having a difference of hundreds of pounds within the same week as starting a holiday.

Well known and respected British consumer group Which?. did the research, and it shows that by switching the departure day from a Saturday to a Thursday considerable savings can be made for holidays in Majorca and elsewhere this summer.


Noting that nearly all holidays cost more from mid July to the end of August than any other time year – along with Christmas – when the school holidays occur. and they show that it is possible to cut the cost of a peak time family trip relatively easily. especially as most families now have internet access and can act as their own travel agents.

A good example the consumer group gives is for a week’s holiday for four to Majorca in August. this costs just over £2,300 with Thomson leaving the UK on a Saturday. But by moving the departure day to a Thursday the same vacation is £1,480 – an astonishing saving.

And staying with Majorca holidays they give another example. that this time with travel firm Cosmos and flying from Manchester Airport. where the same holiday departing on a Saturday cost over £2,500. but if the flight was taken on Friday afternoon the price would drop by over £600.


With a little forward planning, the research shows potential holidaymakers how they could save hundreds on exactly the same trip. but with a little variation in departure and return dates for exactly the same package with no comprising on the quality of the Majorca hotels. But they have to choose from the major tour operators who sell the majority of holidays services in the UK.

Independent travelers are also finding that there’s some great money saving deals available if they are prepared to spend an hour or two doing some basic research if they want a villa holiday. Some of the big companies have come online with late bargains available for Majorca villa holidays this summer.


Private owners too are slashing prices to get grab and some money in during the peak months of their vacation service. but well run internet sites allowed an advanced search where you can not just specify a particular country. but an island or region and even individual villages, with options to show those where the owners have special offers available in the coming weeks.

If you’ve given up on the thought of a holiday abroad this year, a look at what is on offer might surprise you when you have done some research.

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